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Terrorist Attack in Mali – Security Advisory (18 June 2017)

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A terror attack is currently underway at a luxury resort frequented by tourists near Bamako, Mali. Casualities and hostages have been reported. Security forces have indicated that operations against an unknown number of gunmen at Le Campement, which is located outside the capital Bamako, are ongoing. Le Campement Kangaba is currently blocked off. The EU Training Mission in Mali has described the attackers as “suspected jihadists,” adding that they are assisting the local forces. The resort is located in Dougourakoko, on the outskirts of the city, where the Radisson Blu hotel was the target of a previous terror atta ck in November 2015.

The rural resort is popular with Western tourists, expats and locals. It offers luxury accommodation, a spa and three swimming pools, as well as running excursions and sports for guests.

Anyone currently in Bamako is advised to avoid the area due to the ongoing security threat. MS Risk advises that you seek the advice of local authorities. Major hotels in the area are likely to be under a lockdown, and you should adhere to the advice of hotel staff and security. Anyone in the capital city is advised to remain alert as further incidents in other areas frequented by foreigners may be targeted. Please be advised that a curfew and possible restrictions on bridge crossings and and routes in and around Bamako. Expect heavy security forces presence. While no intelligence is known to exist to indicate secondary attacks, it would be prudent to evaluate the local security situation and disposition of resources across the region. MS Risk is currently monitoring the situation and will release further alerts as more information becomes available.