Grievance Procedure

MS Risk Redress of Grievance Process

MS Risk Limited will handle grievances from third parties on an international basis in a transparent and fair manner, and with due consideration for confidentiality and restrictions imposed by local laws in accordance with our Corporate Ethics Policies.

We will respect the confidentiality of the complainant, unless required by law to reveal their identity, and take all reasonable steps to protect complainants from retaliation. We will report grievances to the appropriate external authorities when the nature or severity of the matter requires such action, and give full support to any external investigating authorities.

How to contact us

To register a grievance, third parties should send an email to  giving as much information as possible of the circumstances and MS Risk’s alleged involvement or fault and include contact details.  We will acknowledge receipt of the grievance promptly and no later than within 30 calendar days. Senior management will undertake an initial assessment of the matter and will agree the parameters of the investigation.  A member of MS Risk’s management team will be appointed to act as a contact for the complainant. This point of contact will provide an outline of the resolution process, the associated timeframes, progress updates and report on the outcome.  If a third party believes that their grievance has been handled inappropriately and would prefer to seek redress through an independent body, they are advised to refer to a relevant external body.  We can provide guidance on which body is most appropriate and relevant.