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    On 9 May, a prison riot caused by clashes between rival gangs in the city of Santo Domingo left 43 inmates dead. According to Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo, 108 prisoners remain at large and 112 have been recaptured. Prison riots … Read the rest

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    2022 General elections in the Philippines: the return of the Marcos family Posted on

    On 9 May general elections were held in the Philippines. In these elections more than 67 million Filipinos chose a … Read the rest

    Ethnic tension Flare-ups in North Kosovo Destabilising Regional Peace Posted on

    Kosovo police patrols have been coming under attack in the north of the country, near its border with Serbia. Specifically … Read the rest

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    Ukraine Crisis Update (14 April 2022)

    As of 14 April, Ukrainian ports remain closed.  A number of Ukrainian sources claimed on Thursday 14 April that the nation’s armed forces have hit the Russian cruiser MOSKVA in a guided-missile attack in the Black Sea.

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    Ukraine Update (12 April 2022)

    As of 12 April, Ukrainian ports remain closed. As of 12 April, concerns are mounting for the crew of a stranded vessel in the port of Mariupol.

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