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    Posted on in Burkina Faso

    Unconfirmed reporting indicates that protests erupted between miners and gold mine workers at Canadian group Endeavor Mining’s Houndé Gold Operation. Tensions have been on the rise in the area since the morning of Tuesday 17 May.  Local reports claim that … Read the rest

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    Will Moldova become the next target of Russian aggression? Posted on

    On May 2, Ukrainian intelligence sources revealed that they believe that the Kremlin has already taken the decision to launch … Read the rest

    Somalia Elections Update Posted on


    Since the beginning of 2022, the overall security situation in Somalia has been getting gradually worse. Bitter political infighting … Read the rest

    Security Updates
    Ukraine Crisis Update (14 April 2022)

    As of 14 April, Ukrainian ports remain closed.  A number of Ukrainian sources claimed on Thursday 14 April that the nation’s armed forces have hit the Russian cruiser MOSKVA in a guided-missile attack in the Black Sea.

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    Ukraine Update (12 April 2022)

    As of 12 April, Ukrainian ports remain closed. As of 12 April, concerns are mounting for the crew of a stranded vessel in the port of Mariupol.

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