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    Violent clashes that took place in Libya during August made apparent the country’s chronic instability. With the internationally backed stabilization and unification process deadlocked, a multitude of armed militias are competing for influence throughout the country, making such violence inevitable. … Read the rest

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    Situation Update – Ethiopia (5 November 2021)

    A year into the war in Ethiopia, and rebellious forces from the country’s Tigray region have pushed to within a day’s drive of the capital city Addis Ababa and are threatening to march on the city. The situation has been further complicated by the announcement late on 4 November 2021 by a broad coalition of Ethiopian armed groups and political actors who say that they will form a new alliance on Friday 5 November “in response to the scores of crises facing the country” and to fight against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. As fighting continues on the ground and concerns grow about the security situation in the capital, the United Nations Security Council is set to hold a public meeting on Friday afternoon about the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia as calls earlier in the week for a ceasefire by the East African bloc and the European Union have gone unanswered.  

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    Security Update Mali – President & Prime Minister Released; Tensions Remain Heightened (27 May 2021)

    During the early morning hours on Thursday 27 May, media reports, citing a military official, indicated that Malian soldiers had freed Bah N’Daw and Moctar Ouane, who resigned on 26 May as president and prime minister just two days after they were detained. Their release comes as Mali’s former junta leader Col Assimi Goïta announced on 27 May that he has declared himself the country’s transitional president. Currently, tensions remain heightened in Mali though the situation appears to be calm. There are also remaining questions about how this latest ‘coup’ will impact the country’s transition back to democracy after the August 2020 coup, and the overall security situation in Mali.

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