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The financial, insurance and legal implications of a non-compliant security environment are far-reaching; a well-designed and well-managed security environment delivers long-term benefits to a business. Insurers and corporate governance standards demand that risk is understood and managed within a business, no matter how large or small.

We deliver practical security solutions utilising proven methodologies and doctrine to counteract increased threats to business in all operating environments.

Security Risk Support


Whether it is a business start up in a difficult part of the world, a refinancing or the sale of the business or the need to review security risk for governance purposes, our consultants provide the assistance needed.

We focus on optimising asset values by minimising shrinkage and other threats that can often be considered as part of the cost of doing business. We deliver proactive consulting services as well as the more traditional reactive approach. This can include exercises and simulation, stress testing of policies and procedures and penetration testing of physical security infrastructure.

We provide security risk assessments and due diligence services. Policy development and implementation and training programs are also regular features of our work activity. Our researchers provide regional analysis for clients working in new or unstable environments.

Project Management

MS Risk provides comprehensive project management services. Whether overseeing the delivery of security services at a remote concession in the extractive sector or running a set piece security project for a shipping client or implementing loss prevention and security protocols into a supply chain organisation, MS Risk has the people, experience and know-how to deliver results.

We offer a business sector club approach to security risk management. Many SMEs do not have the option to create intrinsic security infrastructure and so in many cases security risk is not addressed proactively. Working in similar fashion to marine insurance protection & indemnity clubs, we provide the focus for several like-minded companies to come together and collectively receive the proportionate security support they all need.

This includes establishing operations centres to coordinate journey management, regular bulletins on security conditions, liaison with government agencies and security forces and providing KPI management for risk mitigation.

Virtual Security Director

A variation of our club approach described above. Many organisations lack a full time Director of Security and as a result, the scope of their security department may be limited. We can help by outsourcing part or all of your security function to provide the additional support needed at strategic, operational or tactical levels. Many of our consultants have previously been Corporate Security Directors of blue chip businesses. Our Virtual Security Director service can be used on an agreed time and activity basis for organisations that don’t need to employ a full time executive.

Crisis Response

We act as crisis management advisors to leading specialist underwriting syndicates in the Lloyds of London insurance marketplace and cover all jurisdictions. We respond to and resolve insured and non-insured specialty risk events including:

MS Risk also provides:

Interim managers for your security function to resolve temporary human resources gaps or during periods of increased work intensity.

Training programs for all relevant aspects of the security or loss prevention function.

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