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Brexit Talks Due to Begin on 19 June

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This month, the European Union’s (EU) chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, disclosed that he does not want to consider the chance that talks on the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU could collapse. The statement comes after EU ministers on 22 May gave Mr Barnie the green light for talks to begin in June, after the UK election (8 June).

Mr Barnier, whose comments come after his UK counterpart, David Davis, made clear that the threat to walk out was genuine if the EU’s “divorce bill” was too high, stated “no deal” was no an option. UK ministers have reacted angrily to reports that the EU may demand as much as €100bn (£86bn; $112bn) from the UK. A range of figures has emerged for the amount the UK will be asked to pay when it leaves the EU, covering agreed commitments and liabilities. Furthermore, the EU is insisting that “sufficient progress” be made on the bill, citizens’ rights and the UK-Irish border before talks begin on a future trade agreement.

The first round of talks will begin on 19 June and Mr Barnier will report to EU leaders at a summit three days later. In a communiqué released on Monday 22 May, EU officials stressed that a key to the talks’ success would be their transparency for all sides.