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Asia-Pacific Summary – Piracy Incident (May 2013)

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There was a low level of activity throughout the month of May, with only 8 reported incidents compared with 18 in April. This also represents a four year low for occurrences in May throughout the region. However, it is worth noting that monthly trends can and do fluctuate drastically, and that the general trend, particularly in SE Asia, is of increasing numbers of incidents following low levels several years ago.

The most notable incident was certainly the hijacking of a Chinese fishing vessel by North Korean naval forces. A large ransom was demanded by the North Koreans, but it is reported none was paid in this instance and the vessel was safely released.

Continued frequency of attacks on tugs and barges in Indonesian waters likely indicates these vessels are particularly vulnerable, and may need to consider heightened security accordingly.

Incident Occurrences by Country

Indonesia:  5

Malaysia: 1

Bangladesh: 1

China: 1

Reported Incidents:

May 23rd, Bangladesh – GOLDEN ADVENTURE boarded at Chittagong Anchorage, attempted robbery

May 24th, Indonesia – ANNA BARBARA  boarded at Cigading Anchorage, successful armed robbery

May 20th, Indonesia – KOH-I-NOOR boarded at Belawan port, attempted armed robbery

May 15th, Malaysia – CREST 289 robbed 30nm northwest of Pulau Tioman

May 12th, Indonesia – CREST 2825, 3nm northwest Pulau Batam, robbed while being towed

May 12th, Indonesia – SAM HAWK boarded at Taboneo Anchorage, robbed

May 7th, Indonesia – fishing vessel PKFB 1532 attacked and hijacked in the Straits of Malacca. Vessel subsequently recovered by Indonesian Marine Police on 25th May.

May 5th, China – fishing vessel, the LIAONING GENERIC 2500, hijacked by suspected North Korean naval forces. Crew and vessel released on May 21st.

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