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Security Update: Fifa World Cup

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Fourteen games into the World Cup Finals and no serious incidents.

The big story yesterday was the weather, particularly the heavy rain in Natal that saw a month’s rain in the previous 48hrs causing flash flooding and landslides.  Further heavy rains are forecast for many of the host cities in the coming week so don’t get caught out.

 There haven’t been any serious security incidents concerning fans reported since the Finals got underway.  There were several protests reported and the response by the police remains heavy handed.  The escalation of force from verbal warnings, to tear gas, to non-lethal firearms can be rapid and dramatic.  We strongly recommend avoiding these situations and leaving at the first sign of trouble.

Today’s games are in Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, and Cuiaba.  Brazil vs Mexico will be a lively match. There’s no trouble anticipated anywhere but there is some heavy weather anticipated in Fortaleza and Cuiaba to be ready to get wet.

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