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Security Update: Fifa World Cup

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The first day of the elimination rounds and it’s an all South-American affair for today.  With enthusiasm and fanaticism reaching new levels, expect to see an increased security presence to ensure fan safety, prevent overcrowding and stop crowds forcing entry into the stadium.

This evening’s matches are in Rio (30C, 94% Humidity, clear) and Belo Horizonte (26C, 77%H, clear), Brazil’s 2nd and 3rd largest cities respectively.  Both cities are known for violence in the less affluent neighbourhoods and have both seen large protests against the World Cup Finals. Noting this, both cities have hosted four matches each without major incidents.  Occasional reporting of pickpockets and muggings continue but these are most often reported by tourists who stray from the ‘beaten path’ and find themselves isolated, away from the security of others, and without escape route.  Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket; ensure you have some money to hand over in the instance of being mugged as well as money elsewhere to draw upon in emergency.  Know where you are staying and have it written down so you can show a cab driver. If you have a mobile with maps, download the maps before leaving, using wifi, and follow along the route so you know you’re not being ripped off (you can your data stream off and this will still work).

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