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Security Update: Fifa World Cup

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Security is defined as the state of being free from danger or threat.  There were a few incidents yesterday, but none of them actually threatened anyone.  Miss Bumbum’s incursion in Portugal’s practice (with press credentials) hardly presents much to worry about.  The 80-odd ticketless Chilean fans who forced their way into the Maracana stadium through the media centre present a fault in access control but didn’t necessarily pose a threat, other than crowding. The key here is to recognise the threats to personal security and the threats to organisers’ reputations.  So far, there haven’t been many reports of spectators running into trouble because the organisers have managed to keep trouble away from them.  Of course, away from the stadia, there are the usual tourist traps and petty crime but that is the same in any sizeable city, more so in country with such a wealth gradient. Just remember to keep your valuables out of site and don’t wander off at night into unfamiliar areas that are poorly lit and poorly policed.

Despite a lack of success, protestors continue to march against the World Cup.  Yesterday, 3 people were injured at protest in Porto Alegre and today, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued an advisory for the England match this evening in Sao Paulo (17C, 88% humidity, chance of rain) where protests are expected.

The other two games today are in Natal (30C, 94% humidity, slight chance of rain) and Brasilia (27C, 77% humidity, clear skies). Natal has seen very heavy rain recently and also had to deal with transportation strikes so include a buffer when planning your route to the stadium.  Brasilia had the issue with not enough security staff turning up for work for the Swiss game earlier in the week so expect long queues and get there early to avoid disappointment.

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