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Security Incidents Reported in Brazil Over Past 24 Hours

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There have been several reports of security incidents over the past 24 hours. Most notably was the attempted mugging of BBC staff near their hotel in Rio. There was no one injured and the people in question got away ‘un-mugged’ however, the BBC has put out an alert for staff.  There was the difficulty getting into the stadium for the kick off of the Switzerland v Ecuador match in Brasilia due to long cues to get through security.  FIFA had, in fact, warned fans weeks beforehand to ensure that they arrive with plenty of time to get through the checks.  It is also important to note that to achieve the security cordon around some of the stadia, some may have to walk up to 5km to the stadium.  Queues to get into games are likely to get worse after FIFA security were embarrassed on Friday by Chilean fans letting off fireworks after there victory over Australia in Cuiaba.

Several protests have been reported in host cities throughout the country but with little interference with the fans.  In Rio, protestors outside the World Cup village on Copacabana through rocks at the broadcasters and fan zone but did not have large effect.  Remember to stay away from protests as they are a magnet for crime and unsavoury characters.  There is a stark difference between a political activist and someone willing to throw a brick at a policeman’s head.  Here is a clip of the police reaction to a protest approaching the Maracanã stadium last night during the Bosnia v Argentina game:

 A few good tips for going to games: take a photo of your tickets so if they get stolen, the stadium police can arrest the thieves and get you your seat, the other is to download maps onto your mobile before leaving the hotel so you can follow the cab driver’s route to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Like in many places, cabbies might not know where they’re headed and won’t admit it to you so you can volunteer the directions before setting off.  Always carry a little bit of money with you just in case you do get mugged, criminals have a habit of reacting harshly to not getting anything; literally killing for nothing.

Today’s games are in Salvador, Natal, and Curitiba.  The only new location is Curitiba, which is the most advanced and efficient city in Brazil.  Good transport links and large, pedestrianized town centre make it a joy to visit.

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