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Security Advisory: World Cup

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What a day of quarterfinals!  Brazil and Germany celebrated US Independence Day in style with good clean victories.  The good news is that the worry of despondent Brazilian fans rioting in the wake of a loss has been delayed for a least a few days now.

There were no significant incidents over the last few days but there have been reports of people having tickets stolen on the way to games and in the vicinity of the stadiums.  Like anything, “have it on show, expect it to go!” Keep your tickets out of site, especially as we progress through the latter stages of the tournament and they become increasingly valuable to maniacal football fans. Resist the temptation to boast about the tickets you have in public, as it will make you a target for theft.  The UK FCO has issued some similar advice here.

Today’s games are Argentina vs Belgium in Brasilia (27C, 52% Humidity, clear) and Costa Rica vs The Netherlands in Salvador (27C, 78%, Heavy rain due to continue). Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, has seen some large protests and there remains the possibility of political activists trying to take advantage of publicity surround the game.  Be aware, be early, and stay semi-sober until you get back from the match.  In Salvador, the weather will be the biggest problem; this may require alternative routes getting to the match.  Follow the advice given by organisers and, again, be early to prevent disappointment.  In Recife, many people missed the first half of matches due to heavy weather impeding travel.

For tomorrow’s rest day… Not to worry if you’re sick of the sun and rain in Brazil.  There’s the Wimbledon Men’s Final, the British Grand Prix, and the second stage of the Tour de France.

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