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Security Advisory: World Cup

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Yesterday saw Europe vs Latin America and finished with one to each.  Both matches went down to the wire and things are looking promising for the remainder of the knockout stages.  Today is Europe vs Africa with both Algeria and Nigeria facing uphill battles against Germany and France respectively, both of whom are looking in good form.

The Brazilians have managed fan, spectator, and tourist security very well.  Funnily enough, fan security is more of a headline in home countries rather than in Brazil. France and Colombia have both voiced the need for enhanced security, domestically, during games.  In Brazil, reporting continues to indicate a positive security presence in the host cities and reports show that anti-world cup protests appear to have died off.

Today’s matches are in Porto Alegre (14C, 94% Humidity, rain all day) and Brasilia (29C, 77%H, clear). The game in Porto Alegre is the late game so hopefully it clears up otherwise it’s going to be cold and damp affair.  Despite the heavy weather, there haven’t been any transport concerns in Porto Alegre as we saw in Natal and Recife.

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