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Security Advisory: FIFA World Cup

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Half of the games down (32), and the sky has not fallen upon Brazil and the World Cup Finals. And unless FIFA attempts to snatch disaster from the hands of victory, as the Americans achieved last night in the 95th minute, all is looking to go well.

Although there is no game in Belo Horizonte today, the UK government has issued a warning concerning the likelihood of protests.  It is the third largest city in Brazil and ranks 48th out of the 50 most dangerous cities according to the UN’s murder statistics.  That said, six other host cities in Brazil make the list and none have seen much in the way of violence against tourists and fans.  Steer clear of any areas that are known for being protest hotspots and leave at the first signs of unrest; don’t wait for things to get out of hand.

Fan fests have been great parties throughout the country for those who don’t have tickets to the games.  They have had a good balance of freedom and security, preventing crime but letting the public enjoy themselves.  After all, this is Brazil, who is better known for throwing big parties?!

We’re now into the last games of the round robin and there are four games a day for the next four days, two concurrent games, with no late match.  Today’s games are in Sao Paulo (24C, 88% humidity, clear), Brasilia (26C, 77% humidity, slight chance of rain), Curitiba (21C, 94% humidity, clear), Recife (27C, 89% humidity, heavy rain expected).

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