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Security Advisory: Fifa World Cup

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Last day of the group stages and the big news at the moment is the torrential rain in Recife for the big USA vs Germany match scheduled for this evening.  If it keeps falling at the current rate, the match maybe cancelled.  Equally important is the difficulty some fans are having at getting to the match.  Get moving early if you want to get in and see the game, if it happens….

With the qualifications almost set the concern now is the future games between neighbouring South American countries.  These have a higher likelihood of getting rowdy, even violent.  As we saw in the Argentina match yesterday, they didn’t mind taunting the Brazilians in the stadium and they will be likely to carry on outside the stadium as well. Of particular note are Brazil vs Chile, and Colombia vs Uruguay both on Saturday.  Hopefully this concern proves unfounded but it would be foolish not to be aware of the possibility.

Today’s matches are in Brasilia (28C, 53% Humidity, Clear), Sao Paulo (29C, 56% H, Clear), Recife (28C, 100%H, heavy rain trailing off towards the end of game time), Curitiba (22C, 83%H, foggy, clearing later).

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