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Security Advisory: Fifa World Cup

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We’re down to the last two days of the group stages and all is going swimmingly.  No incidents reported amongst fans however the Italian contingent has complained about Uruguayan propensity for biting in the box.  When all else fails…

A sit-in, or rather a live-in, protest was set up last night in front of the local government buildings in Sao Paulo.  Protestors will continue to try and capitalise on the media presence during the tournament.  As we progress towards the elimination rounds, expect attempts at protest to increase and this to be reciprocated with efforts of suppression by the security services.

Today’s games are in Porto Alegre (20C, 100% Humidity, heavy rain early clearing towards game time), Salvador (27C, 94%H, slight chance of early rain clearing in the afternoon), Manaus (30C, 89%H, slight chance of rain), and Rio (30C, 94%H, clear).  The Maracana in Rio de Janeiro had fan incursions in the first two games and none during the Belgium vs Russia game.  Although this may have been down to a lack of enthusiasm on behalf of those fans, I suspect it has more to do with enhanced security presence following the embarrassment of the first two matches.

As we near the end of the group stages, fans who don’t have tickets to later matches may be tempted to try pitch invasions or incursions into venues; do not be tempted by such stupidity.  It will only get you arrested and deported.  Deportation may be a badge of honour when it’s done on a political basis but it will be a huge embarrassment when done for criminal reasons.

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