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Piracy Incidents in Asia – June 2013

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There were 16 reported incidents during the month of June, 2013. This represents a notable increase compared with May, which was relatively quiet, and highlights the continuing trend of increased piracy in the region. This is over triple the number of incidents occurring in June 2012 and 2011, and is the highest rate of incidents in the month of June since 2008.

All reported incidents occurred in the South East Asian region, with none in the North East Asia or Pacific regions.

Incident Occurrences by Country

Indonesia – 12

Malaysia – 3

India – 1

Reported Incidents

3rd June, Indonesia – SPAR LIBRA boarded at Maura Jawa anchorage. Unsuccessful attempted robbery.

3rd June, Indonesia – attempted boarding of ATLANTIC CANYON at Belawan Anchorage.

8th June, Indonesia – BANDAI V boarded at Belawan Anchorage. Unsuccessful armed robbery.

9th June, Malaysia – tug PU2417 boarded 6nm off Terengganu. Robbers armed with knives and firearms stole fuel and belongings.

9th June, Malaysia – an unnamed tug 30nm east of Kerteh, Terengganu was boarded by armed pirates, who took all crew members hostage before stealing property.

10th June, Indonesia – ANNA BARBARA boarded and robbed at Taboneo Anchorage.

12th June, Indonesia – attempted robber of SENTOSA RIVER at Senipah Tanker Anchorage, Balikpapan.

13th June, Indonesia – armed robbers boarded EAGLE SAN JUAN and stole property.

13th June, Indonesia – CSK BRILLIANCE boarded at Maura Jawa anchorage. Armed pirates took crew members hostage and stole property. One crew member was injured.

15th June, Indonesia – attempted boarded of EMERALD STAR at Taboneo Anchorage.

16th June, Indonesia – attempted armed robbery of CMA CGM KAILAS at Jakarta Cargo Anchorage.

17th June, Malaysia – KING RIVER boarded 8nm west-northwest of Lutong, Sarawak. Aggressive pirates took hostage and beat most of the crew before escaping with property.

19th June, Indonesia – OCEAN GARNET boarded by armed robbers at Muara Jawa anchorage. Property stolen.

20th June, Indonesia – SENNA JUMBO boarded by armed robbers at Nipah Transit anchorage. One crew member threatened with a knife and property stolen.

27th June, Indonesia – attempted boarding of unnamed tanker at Jakarta Tanker Anchorage.

30th June, India – successful robbery of unnamed tanker at Kandla Inner Anchorage.


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