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Security Advisory: Fifa World Cup

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It was an unfortunate result for the would-be African giant killers yesterday.  The scores belie outstanding performances, especially on behalf of the Algerians who pushed the near-favourite Germans to extra time.

There was a small silent protest at Copacabana in Rio yesterday of about 100 people.  It was a non-violent demonstration against the World Cup and the misuse of state funds. As opposed to previous protests, this was well controlled and the desire to attack security forces not present.

Today’s matches are in Sao Paulo (23C, 58%Humidity, clear) and Salvador (27C, 74%H, slight chance of rain). The early game is in Sao Paulo between Argentina and Switzerland.  Sao Paulo hasn’t seen much trouble throughout the tournament with statutory holidays imposed throughout the city on match days to ease congestion.  That said, Argentinian fans have been a concern at other matches and have been branded as hooligans at previous international matches. The late game between the USA and Belgium in Salvador will undoubtedly see a large American presence (they bought three times the number of tickets of the next foreign fans).  Although large groups of Americans are the preferred target for anti-western terror groups, these aren’t typically South American and there has been no reporting to indicate such a threat.  There was one reported attack where English fans were set upon by a group of belligerent Brazilians.  All the assailants were subsequently arrested but that doesn’t discount the potential for another occurrence elsewhere.

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