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Security Advisory: Cote d’Ivoire (17 January 2017)

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Executive Summary

Reports have emerged that elite loyalist troops killed a mutinous soldier in the administrative capital Yamoussoukro on Tuesday 17 January. The soldier’s death is the first to occur since a mutiny over pay erupted in the city of Bouake on 5 January. The mutiny concluded last week after an agreement was reached between the government and soldiers, who began receiving their payments on Tuesday. However tensions have remained high and on 17 January, troops, enraged that they were excluded from the deal, took to the streets of Yamoussoukro and Bouake, firing into the air and prompting fears of further unrest.      

Security Advisory

Tensions remain high across the country and the incidents in Bouake and Yamoussoukro may spread further across the country. In order to prepare for civil disorder we recommend the following immediate action:

MS Risk continues to closely monitor the situation in Cote d’Ivoire and we will issue further bulletins as more information becomes available.