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    The 2023 presidential elections in Guatemala took place in a climate of mistrust of the elites due to numerous irregularities and several convincing cases of corruption, prompting voters to turn to a left-wing candidate with a progressive, anti-corruption programme: Bernardo … Read the rest

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    Violent clashes broke out in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon from late July until early August between … Read the rest

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    How the July 4 2023 shootings exemplify why national holidays and public celebrations are a prime target for mass shootings Read the rest

    Security Updates
    Security Advisory – Niger (30 July 2023)

    On Sunday 30 July, hundreds of coup supporters protested outside of the French embassy in the capital Niamey. Demonstrators chanted anti-French and pro-Russia slogans and threw stones at the embassy. They were dispersed by security forces who used tear gas. The demonstrations have been condemned by France, who has pledged to react strongly to any attack on its nationals or interests. In a statement, President Emmanuel Macron’s office said that “the President will not tolerate any attack against France and its interests,” specifying that it would respond to attacks against French diplomats, armed forces or businesses.

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    Maritime Advisory – Strait of Hormuz (7 July 2023)

    According to a US Navy spokesperson, on Thursday 6 July Iran’s Revolutionary Guards “forcibly seized” a commercial vessel in international waters in the Gulf and that the vessel was possibly involved in smuggling. US 5th Fleet spokesperson Commander Tim Hawkins reported that the US Navy had monitored the situation and decided not to make any further response. Reports indicate that Iranian forces had attempted to seize a small Tanzanian flagged tanker around 59 nautical miles northeast of the Saudi Arabian port city of Dammam.

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