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    In November 2020, fighting between government troops and Tigrayans erupted in Ethiopia in an operation to oust the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The move was presented by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as a “law enforcement operation” aimed at rounding … Read the rest

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    China’s Political Encroachment into Hong Kong Posted on

    China’s political encroachment into Hong Kong and new Bill passed is causing outrage in the city, with many residents having

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    Peru and its Political Prospect after Presidential Election Posted on

    Peru has completed the counting of ballots in a close presidential run-off election, but an official declaration might take several … Read the rest

    Security Updates
    Security Update – Burkina Faso (9 June 2021)

    Burkina Faso has once again been rocked by Islamist violence, after a deadly weekend which included an attack that resulted in over 160 casualties. Further complicating the security situation have been reports on local news and social media sites of additional attacks, which raised fears amongst the local populations and prompted the Burkinabé government to issue a warning.

    http://msrisk.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Burkina-Faso-Security-Update-9-June-2021.pdf">Download PDF Report
    Security Update Mali – President & Prime Minister Released; Tensions Remain Heightened (27 May 2021)

    During the early morning hours on Thursday 27 May, media reports, citing a military official, indicated that Malian soldiers had freed Bah N’Daw and Moctar Ouane, who resigned on 26 May as president and prime minister just two days after they were detained. Their release comes as Mali’s former junta leader Col Assimi Goïta announced on 27 May that he has declared himself the country’s transitional president. Currently, tensions remain heightened in Mali though the situation appears to be calm. There are also remaining questions about how this latest ‘coup’ will impact the country’s transition back to democracy after the August 2020 coup, and the overall security situation in Mali.

    http://msrisk.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Security-Update-President-Prime-Minister-Released-Tensions-Remain-Heightened-27-May-2021.pdf">Download PDF Report
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