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    On Monday evening 12 November, a car-bomb explosion in northern Mali killed three civilians, with a terrorist group claiming that Canadian soldiers and other foreign forces operating in the area were targeted.

    The Canadian Armed Forces have confirmed the attack, … Read the rest

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    JNIM to Release New Video Calling on Fulani to Wage Jihad Posted on

    On 7 November 2018, reports emerged that JNIM announced the forthcoming official release of its new video entitled “Go forth Read the rest

    After Hodeidah: The Houthi Threat to Shipping in the Bab-al-Mandeb Strait and Red Sea Posted on

    6 November-

    The Yemeni port city of Hodeidah remains the focus of intense clashes between Houthi fighters and forces belonging … Read the rest

    Security Updates
    Maritime Security Review (12 November 2018)

    Maritime Security Review for the week of 5 – 11 November. This issue includes:

    • Spain rescues migrants in the Mediterranean;
    • Monthly review of incidents of piracy and armed robbery in waters in Asia (October 2018);
    • Update on ports in Yemen and Libya
      • MS RISK Assessment – After Hodeidah:  The Houthi Threat to Shipping in the Bag al Mandeb Strait and Red Sea
      • Yemeni coalition forces move close to Hodeidah Port
      • Libya:  Libya election to take place in early 2019; renewed military clashes in Tripoli, near Mitiga Airport
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    Maritime Security Review (5 November 2018)

    Maritime Security Review for the week of 29 October – 4 November. This issue includes:

    • Migrants continue to try to reach Spain as winter season approaches;
    • Asia:  ReCAAP has issued a warning of an imminent threat of attack by Abu Sayyaf Group;
    • Gulf of Guinea:  Advisory in place for vessels transiting in waters of Republic of Congo
    • IMB issues latest global piracy statistics;
    • Update on ports in Yemen and Libya – Yemen:  Saudi alliance sends over 10,000 Troops to Hodeida; Islamic State attacks town of al-Fuqaha in Libya, killing four
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