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Security Update: Fifa World Cup

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No big news today regarding the security of the World Cup, this is despite the media’s best efforts to blow everything out of proportion to make a good story.  The ‘storming of gates’ by Argentine fans at the Maracana in Rio turned out to be 30 people, all but one of whom were caught by the second layer of security.  There have been shortfalls in manpower, notably in Brasilia on Sunday but FIFA has been saying to show up early to avoid disappointment, this advice had not been heeded. Although it has been a slow news day, the fear of protest still remains. Here’s a short video about what the Brazilian Forces have done to prepare and what expect if the event does go sour: Telegraph Security Video

It seems my capacity to predict the weather is similar to a Russian goalkeeper’s ability to catch a ball kicked square at his chest.  (If you missed the reference watch it here).  Although I do maintain that one should be prepared for heavy rain with little warning, be prepared to get completely soaked very quickly.

Today’s games are in Rio (30C with a small chance of rain), Manaus (30C with a small chance of rain), and Porto Alegre (clear and 15C). Expect protests in Rio especially around Copacabana, where the fan village is, and as near to the Maracana stadium as they protesters can get (3-5km). One big difference between protestors and security forces is that the former don’t tend to come out in force in foul weather so if it does rain, the likelihood of protest drops significantly, probably because it’s harder to light the rag at the top of the Molotov cocktail…

Remember to keep your wits about you and get to the stadium early to account for long security queues to get in.  There is also a likelihood of a long walk to the stadium, the last time I was at The Maracana it took over 30min just to walk to the stadium from the drop off point and the security cordon has been widened since then.  Keep your valuables safe and out of sight; an expensive watch makes you a target, not the subject of admiration.

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