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Current Situation 

As of 10 September, a nightly 22:00 – 06:00 curfew continues to be in place until further notice.

Envoys from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are due in Guinea’s capital Conakry on Friday 10 September to discuss ways to return the country to constitutional order following the weekend coup. The delegation had been due to arrive in the capital on 9 September however two sources in Guinea’s junta have disclosed that the delegation was delayed to Friday. ECOWAS has suspended Guinea’s members from the bloc though it stopped short of imposing further sanctions. The ECOWAS delegation will be led by the Commission President Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Shirly Botchway and Burkina Faso’s Foreign Minister Alpha Barry. A high-ranking regional official disclosed on Thursday that the envoys will push the junta to appoint a “credible” civilian prime minister as soon as possible in order to help steer Guinea back towards constitutional order.

The African Union (AU) has suspended Guinea in the wake of Sunday’s coup, according to a tweet on 10 September from the AU’s Political Affairs Peace and Security Department.

Meanwhile in Guinea, junta leader Colonel Mamady Doumbouya continues to strengthen his hold on power, ordering the central bank and other banks on Thursday to freeze all government accounts. A junta spokesman announced on the national broadcaster that the banking freeze was aimed at “securing state assets,” adding that “this includes public administrative and commercial establishments in all ministries and the presidency, presidential programmes and projects, members of the outgoing government as well as senior officials and administrators of state financial institutions.”

Within the international community, the United States on Thursday, disclosed that it was not involved in the military seizure of power after a video emerged on social media of US soldiers in a crowd of jubilant Guineans as events unfolded on Sunday. In a statement, the US State Department disclosed that prior to the coup, a small team of US service members were engaged in a joint training exercise outside the capital Conakry. The statement went on to say that “given the changing security situation, it was decided that the team would be relocated to the US Embassy in Conakry. Guinean security forces provided an escort to Conakry to ensure the safe passage of the team,” adding that the video appeared to depict part of that relocation.

MS Risk Advisory

Movement restrictive measures, telecommunications disruptions, and disruptions to state and business operations are likely to continue in the coming days. Clashes between rival security force factions may also continue after clashes erupted on 5 September resulting in the death of five military personnel. Further public gatherings in response to developments are likely nationwide and these could be in favour of the coup or in support of the Condé government. Any gathering is likely to be met by a security force deployment. Clashes are possible at all protest locations.

Anyone considering travelling to Guinea is advised to defer travel until the situation stabilizes. Anyone currently in Guinea, including in Conakry and in other major city centres, is advised to monitor the local media and to maintain contact with your diplomatic representation. Avoid concentrations of security personnel. Avoid all protests as they may turn violent with little warning. Plan for road travel delays and reconfirm all scheduled transport services, including flights, prior to departure.

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