Security Updates

On the evening of Friday 30 September, a statement signed by army captain Ibrahim Traoré and read out on national TV announced the ouster of military leader Lt Col Paul-Henri Damiba. Burkina Faso has now effectively suffered two coup d’états in less than a year. Before dawn on Friday 30 September, shots and explosions were heard in the capital Ouagadougou, with some coming from near the presidential palace and the main military barracks, Baba Sy. After sunrise, the city streets were largely deserted, with soldiers blocking some roads and guarding key strategic points. State television stopped broadcasting and gunfire was again heard during the afternoon hours on Friday. As concerns about a possible coup grew, Lt Col Damiba said that there was a “confused situation” created by “mood swings” amongst some soldiers. While he urged people to remain calm, he also stated that “negotiations were under way to bring back calm and serenity.”">Download PDF Report
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